Apple Galette with Kristl

I had a friend of mine teach me a meal that reminds her of her mother or father and she didn’t tell me exactly what we would be making in advance so I was prepared for anything. I walked in the door of their busy family home and Kristl (pronounce Crystal) said I was in for a treat because the people this meal reminded her of were there to help us make it. There stood her glorious parents Pinky, and Judy. They were so much fun to cook with. Kristl would start telling a story and then Judy would chime in with her side of the memory and Pinky would come and give me grandpa sayings. I don’t know how to exactly describe grandpa sayings but he was appropriately full of them.

Kristl made simple red sauce pasta, a wonderful rustic loaf of bread, and an apple galette. The galette is what I will focus my post on. It was what we spent most of our time on. Kristl is apparently the pie crust master. She learned from this book:

file-1 (1)

The idea here is butter tastes better but Crisco is better for baking LUCKILY Crisco now makes butter flavored baking sticks for the best of both worlds combined. Kristl ALWAYS adds all the possible water to the recipe. It will be crumbly but you’ll be good. After you make the dough, put it in a plastic bag and chill it.


For the filling we peeled, cored, and cut about 6 apples. The tart kind are best for baking. We used Honeycrisps…yum. Make sure you cut the apple pieces to the same size for proper and even cooking. I would suggest slices and not cubes or chunks. Put the slices in a bowl and add in the ingredients from this page:file-2 (2)

With the crust you are going to want to work fast  I have an instructional video from the master herself for you:

Bake this bad boy until golden brown and it’s 10x’s better than any pie you will ever eat.

Kristl is one of the youngest children in her family and grew up in sets of children rather than all at once. In each set of kids they all had names starting with the same letter, so the first three were all “J” names and the next two were “C” names an the last two (this set including Kristl) were, you guessed it, “K” names. I asked her mother if Kristl ever had nicknames in their home and the only one was K1. I must have looked a little dumbfounded because Judy quickly explained that her kids would look through the toy catalogs and mark what they all wanted and so they would shorten their names to C1, C2, C3, J1, J2, K1, and K2. Even now Judy will abbreviate Kristl to K1. Your standing in the family order never dies.

Their family LOVES pie. Judy told me that Pinky, her husband, likes only two kinds of pie, and right at this point in the story Pinky chimes in, “yes, hot and cold.” So this galette was warmly welcomed.

This family has always cooked from scratch as long as Kristl can remember. Amazingly Kristl has kept this tradition as often as possible. She is a full-time professor with 4 kids under 7 and one on the way. She says I’m invited back for more lessons and stories. Look out for a falafel and naan bread post.

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